Enable keyboard shortcuts for Pidgin menu items

If you migrated from Yahoo Messenger! to Pidgin you probably found out that some handy keyboard shortcuts are missing and no alternatives are defined by default.

For example, I used to Ctrl+h to hide/show my off-line buddies, but I didn't have a shortcut for that in Pidgin. I did not find a working solution on the interwebs. Also tried a bunch of plugins, but they didn't cover the off-line buddies part.

So I decided to poke around in the Pidgin configuration folder .purple and I found a file called accels. I took a leap o faith, uncommented and edited this part:

(gtk\_accel\_path "\<PurpleMain\>/Buddies/Show/Offline Buddies" "\<Control\>h")

Restarted Pidgin and it worked. There's a bunch of unused actions in that file so feel free to experiment. :)